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Monday, 8 August 2016

Namibia Publishing House introduces NIED approved titles for Junior Secondary Phase

It is with extreme pleasure, and a bit of pride, might I add, that we announce the approval of our textbooks for Grades 8 and 9.

It took a great team effort and spirit to create these wonderful books that fully comply with the new syllabi for the various subjects and aid teachers in their difficult yet so important work.

The following Namibia Publishing House textbooks have been approved by the Ministry of Education and will soon be available as sample copies in schools across the country.

Look out for our Sales Representatives: Nikanor, Vaino and Irvin, who are already driving around the country spreading the word and distributing our Catalogue for 2016-2017.

Our NIED approved titles for Junior Secondary Phase include:
Solid Foundations Geography Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

Macmillan School Atlas for Southern Africa 

Solid Foundations History Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

Solid Foundations Accounting Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

Solid Foundations Physical Science Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

• Solid Foundations Life Science Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

Solid Foundations Entrpreneurship Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

  Solid Foundations English Second Language Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs including CDs

Nongonona Elaka (Oshikwanyama First Language) Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

Pyokola Elaka (Oshindonga First Language) Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

lAsa Khomai î xoa (Khoekhoegowab First Language)Grades 8-9 LBs and TGs

We are confident that the use of our newly NIED-approved Solid Foundations Learner's Books and Teacher's Guides in your school will make teaching and learning a rewarding experience.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Meet Our New Sales and Marketing Representatives!

Namibia Publishing House has the pleasure to introduce you to our new Sales and Marketing Representatives that recently joined our dedicated Sales Team.

Nikanor Ngwali, Vaino Mukuve and Irvin Masule will be visiting the schools in the whole of Namibia promoting our current and newly approved titles. 

Look out for them when they come to visit your school and afford them a few minutes of your time to hear about our newest products, ask questions and get your sample copies.

NPH new Sales and Marketing Representatives
Irvin, Vaino and Nikanor, our new Sales and Marketing Reps

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

NPH at the 11th National Mathematics Congress

From 17 to 20 May this year, educators from around the country flocked to Swakopmund for the 11th National Mathematics Congress organised by the Ministry of Education. The Congress, taking place at the Namib High School, served as an opportunity to reflect on achievements in mathematics, share ideas on solving common challenges, and identify issues affecting mathematics.

With the revision of the curriculum the Ministry embarked on being in its various stages of implementation, it was good for the educators to get together to discuss the way forward in effecting the new mathematics syllabi from Junior Primary to Junior Secondary throughout the country.

Namibia Publishing House, as a solid partner in education, was there to give the necessary support in form of our approved teaching materials.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Newest Additions to the NPH Family!

It has been a while since our last update. 2016 has started fast and the pace has not eased a bit. In fact, we have recruited extra pairs of hands to help us this year as it is getting busier and busier. We welcome Mary and Roxanne, both students at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, whose high spirits and boundless energy are infectious.

NPH interns
NPH interns Roxanne and Mary

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

What a year it has been!

Time flies when you are in the publishing business. One minute you are preparing books for submission, and the next you are packing them for delivery to schools! Now that the year is nearly over, Namibia Publishing House would like to thank all our partners in education, especially our esteemed Authors, Teachers, Principals and Head of Departments who took the time to attend the launches of our approved and proving very successful SOLID FOUNDATIONS series for Junior and Senior Primary Phase that we organised across the country.

Our NPH Team enjoying the atmosphere
of the lodge
Last week, our staff enjoyed a long awaited year-end function. It was a summer-themed event held at River Crossing Lodge, a scenic oasis of peace located 3 km outside of Windhoek. With the staff in their summer colours and décor to match, the function became a colourful, fun-filled afternoon. All in all, it was a great success, with the staff enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and the opportunity to reflect on the year’s achievements.

Now we are back in the office, still working, but we look forward to the new school year with hope and enthusiasm, wishing all our NPH family a very happy, prosperous and safe year 2016!

Production Controller, Anetta Mannetti, with our new Publishing Manager, Cynthia Bezuidenhout

Our General Manager, Deon de Waal, receives his Secret Santa gift from one of the organisers, Production Controller Laimi Gideon.

Dennis Orlam, Publishing Director, giving the event a thumbs up

Clr JN Auala thanking the organising team

Thursday, 12 November 2015

NPH Senior Sales Representative Named a Patron of a School in Omusati!

On 26 September 2015, one of our Sales Representatives, Ms Paulina Shiwouvanhu Meroro was named a patron of the Pauline Primary School in Okalongo, Omusati region.

This honour was bestowed upon Paulina by the Principal of the school, Ms Ivula, for setting a great example to the learners and for her professional conduct. Paulina graciously accepted the honour.

We at Namibia Publishing House and Macmillan Education Namibia are very proud of Paulina and congratulate her. We are happy to see that one of our team members has made a tangible impression in the region.
Paulina Shiwouvanhu Meroro (in red) with Principal Ivula
Paulina Shiwouvanhu Meroro (in red) with Principal Ivula posing by the list of school patrons

Thursday, 22 October 2015

NPH launches the Solid Foundations materials for Senior Primary throughout the country!

It's been almost a month since our marketing drive through Namibia and launches of our approved Solid Foundations series of textbooks for Senior Primary Phase. It was a great turnout from the teachers in Omusati and Oshana Regions as we launched the NPH materials in Outapi, Oshakati and Ondangwa! 
Teachers at the launch of Solid Foundations materials for Senior Primary in Outapi

Our team of publishers have left their desks in Windhoek to travel to the regions, visit schools and promote our newly approved materials. They've experienced a very warm welcome and great feedback on our books from local educators. 

Dennis Orlam distributing promotional copies of Solid Foundations
series of textbooks for Senior Primary at the launch in Oshakati

They were also impressed by how well behaved learners are, especially in the remote areas of the country. This was most encouraging and inspiring. We feel that as partners in education, together we are truly building our nation on SOLID FOUNDATIONS!

Ms Loide Kapenda, from the Minsitry of Educations Arts and Culture,
giving a speech at the launch in Windhoek

As schools are busy submitting their orders for new materials for School Year 2016, we would like to announce that NPH Solid Foundations series of textbooks are now available at these stores throughout the country:

Book shop name
Telephone/ Cell phone
Contact person
081 319 6217
081 250 0575
065 224 657
065 240 421
065 251 195
081 255 1195
081 149 9129
064 402 613
061 236 938

So if you haven't received it promotional copies of our textbooks for your subjects yet, check them out at your nearest book store! 

A display area with NPH Solid Foundations materials at Swakopmund Buchhandlung